We were referred to Byron by my daughter’s friend back in March 2022 after purchasing a resale SOHO condo unit. Although we were quite happy with the purchase due to its favourable location & price, the original layout and aesthetic of living and kitchen area were pretty bad. Hence we wanted to engage a good Interior Decorator to improve the overall design, carry out extensive renovation but not at exorbitant prices. We started to discuss with Byron in April and after almost 4 months & numerous meetings, Byron finally presented us beautiful 3D drawings to illustrate what our desired house would look like.
Initially we were quite sceptical and concern of how the actual renovation will turn out.
Anyway 6weeks after handing the house keys to Byron, our house has completely been transformed. The final assessment:-
The quality, design and colours turn out even much better than the 3D Drawing!!

My wife and I will certainly recommend Byron to our friends if they are looking for A Good Interior Decorator/Contractor who can provide good design, quality and reliable home improvement works with reasonable prices.

Thank you Byron for your patience & professionalism displayed throughout the renovation process.

From Richard & Linda Your Happy Customers

I recently engaged Heavenly Homespace for a renovation project. The project involved major carpentry work in the bedrooms and kitchen, replacement of all the air-cons and drainage pipings, hacking, waterproofing and complete re-modeling of both the common and master bedroom toilets, construction of walk-in wardrobe, electrical work, etc. He brought us to the tiles’ and toilet accessories’ suppliers to choose the items we wanted, and advised us on the pros and cons of each item and design so that we made an informed decision. Throughout the engagement, Byron was very helpful and provided a lot of creative ideas and advice. While we did not agree with all of his ideas, through the discussion with him, he and his team was somehow able to bring our final ideas to live which we really appreciate.  He was meticulous with the details and provided us with regular updates on work progress with video clips. Byron provided excellent customer service. For example, a few weeks after the handover, we discovered some minor defects and Byron was very responsive to get them rectified.

All in all, Byron and his team provided professional renovation work of very high quality. The pricing was also reasonable and he was able to complete the project within schedule. If anyone is looking for a renovation contractor whose workmanship is of high quality, project that is well-managed and of reasonable pricing, I would highly recommend Heavenly Homespace (I.e. Byron and his team).


Hi Alvin,

Writing to show my appreciation for your kind assistance on the renovation for my humble new house.

Your contact was given to me by an old friend who had just completed his renovation through you. His endorsement was simple but powerful, “if you need someone good and trustworthy for your reno, Alvin’s the man”. I took that on and got in touch with you a while later.

On first conversation, I sensed your sincerity and also immerse knowledge of this market. You were patient in listening to my requirements, a small project considering I was only looking out for help on my living and dining lights initially. Without pressurizing me, you gave sound advice that we should take a look when the house come along to get a better picture. From the onset, you were up front with the fact that you will not be available for a 2 week period, not fearing that you might not get this particular job. I took that in as a real show of responsibility from yourself, something that is really important for renovation projects

I never bothered looking for another ID quote as my friend’s endorsement and our interaction tells me you are one to trust. After I got my keys, you made arrangements to view the house together and offered your wonderful advice on what we can do to make it a great house to live in. You gave great ideas on how to make good use of space, recommending the latest laminate for my TV feature wall (Loud and wow factor).

Unfortunately, as I am working with a tight schedule having sold off my current place, I did not have a chance to fully capitalize on your great carpentry ideas which meant that you were not able to make much out of this job. But, there was no grumble or unhappiness. all I saw was you doing your best to make sure all the fine details go well. This include going down to the house daily, calling me with frequent updates, offering your advice but never forcing me to accept them and picking up my calls even on weekends and evenings when I got urgent questions and last minute requests.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you for completing the projects ahead of time. Getting your kind electrician (Henry) with his team and sorting out my problematic chandelier. The team of sub-contractors you work with definitely played a big part on your ability to deliver a great project so please kindly pass on my appreciation to them as well.

I wish you great success ahead and I am confident you will with your commitment and dedication



Hi Eason,

Thanks again for everything!

Eason’s ID company was recommended through a friend. Although it was his colleague whom we initially contacted, the company’s dedication was evident when their staff was able to accommodate our request to meet at the soonest despite being away on an overseas trip. Eason was referred to meet us the following afternoon and has journeyed with us since.

From the beginning, his hard work and patient nature was clearly visible as he listened carefully to our requests. Being my first time having to work on renovation for our home, I was unsure of several things. Not did Eason hear out my ideas, he advised me professionally where he felt some would not have been appropriate. This was very helpful as I was eager and impulsive, but Eason’s expertise was crucial in ensuring both aesthetic and feasibility of the look of our home.

Eason met us several times at our home and his office, again accommodating our requests and answering our many questions, giving us his time and working tirelessly to meet our needs and timeline. All thanks to Eason, our renovation works were completed within a month of start date and we could move into our new home by the date we had chosen.

Eason continues to assist us with minor changes to our home where necessary. His kindness and professionalism have left an impression on our family. We will certainly be recommending Eason and Heavenly homespace to our family and friends who have pending renovation works.

Thank you to Eason and his team for both their hard work and good workmanship. We wish you many more successful projects ahead!

The Pereiras.

We are writing this letter to express our deepest appreciation to Eason for his recent renovation work done for our new home at ECO Sanctuary.

We had no experience in renovation before we knew Eason through one of our friends in November 2016. The reason why we decided to put our trust on Eason was because my friend emphasised that Eason could provide very good services to his customers. Our experience with Eason through the whole process of the renovation had proven what our friends said was true.

Eason tried to gather information on what we liked and what we wanted prior starting the 3D drawings. He was patient and willing to listen. He was quite fast to come up with his design proposal and finalized his 3D drawings, which we liked very much, with a reasonable quotation.

When the renovation started, Eason coordinated with our carpenter, suppliers and condominium management office. Eason arranged everything for us nicely. Surprisingly, we only took a couple of days leave for the occasions we must be present such as colour and materials, and confirming actual sizes of furniture.

Most touching our hearts was that he had no hesitation at all to repair or replace the items we were not satisfied even after the renovation. We recommended Eason to our friend for her new home renovation at Lake ville. She is also very satisfied with Eason’s services as well.

With Eason’s wonderful work, our family enjoys our new home everyday. Thank you so much, Eason.

Mr & Mrs Gu Jianhui

Dear Alvin,

I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for the extremely good effort and quality workmanship you have rendered to the above renovation work completed just last week, 10 November 2016, and much earlier than expected.

You have started with a lot of patience in discussions with my wife and I, although I must admit that I am not an easy customer for you to satisfy. Through giving a lot of attention to details by you, we are able to proceed with the works, after at least 4 modifications to your quotations.

You started the works very promptly on 5 September as promised, and from then onwards, every different type of work scope just follow in sequence. There is hardly any break in between. This showed that you have actually put a lot of effort in co-ordinating the timing with your contractors.

You have a very dedicated team of workers who are concerned about quality workmanship. The hackers (who successfully done the half wall hack), tilers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painter all deserved mention about their professionalism and good quality workmanship. Thanks for also recommending the aircon contractor whom you have willingly supervised with the coordination, and ensured the good quality work done.

As with any renovation projects, there are bound to be disagreements in between. However, you are able to accommodate as much of my needs, whilst, you have also worked very hard to convince me of some technicalities that I was glad to accept, e.g. Plumbing work on sink waste discharge using uPVC instead of metal type. Thanks for being patient and allowing the changes even after the installation was completed.

You certainly care very much about your project as can be seen by your so frequent presence at site, giving instructions and checking on quality of work done. Perhaps your checking is easier because of your good team of workers.

I wish to specially mention the quality of carpentry work rendered. Your carpenter has really demonstrated that he is very concerned about quality of work and have completed the cabinets and the sliding doors for our kitchen with a lot of precision. He actually checked himself on what is acceptable and what is not, and make the corrections without us looking into. Please help me thank him for his great effort in giving us a beautiful kitchen.

My wife and I are very happy and satisfied with the whole renovation work done. I am sure we will remember you as we use those renovated areas that you have done.

Alvin, it has been a wonderful experience that we have with you and your team throughout the renovation project. You deserve to be commended as a professional in your line and I am ready to recommend you to any customers who have need for similar work to be done. Also, should you feel that some of your customers need any reference, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure to talk about my good experience with you.

I wish you every success in your business that I am confident will flourish because of your commitment, dedication and professionalism.

With warmest regards,
Albert Kan

Byron was referred to me by another contractor who could not take up my contract due to health issues. I must say, I was very skeptical and apprehensive going to a completely unknown person. However, as time progressed, I really got comfortable with Byron. He is complete professional who has thorough knowledge of his work. He met us on many occasions, sometimes late in the evening and patiently took us through the minutest of details. He was also extremely patient when we asked repetitive questions and changed our decisions. He went with us couple of times to different shops for us to select tiles;table tops etc. What I found most amazing about Byron was that it never seemed that he was giving us an”expensive” advice. On more than 1 occasion, whereas we would have been ready to spent more money, he stopped us. When your contractor does such things, you know you are in safe hands. All of Byron’s team(Carpenter, plumber; the guy who fixed up tiles etc.) were also adept at their work and were very professional. I would genuinely recommend Byron for anyone considering renovation contracts and all my future contracts would only go to Byron. Thanks Byron.

Gautam Sharma,
121 Meyer Road

Eason, Thank you for the great reno work for our home! We are satisfied with your design and details! You are very responsible for every work and monitor the progress closely. As a result, a very pretty and sweet home created by you. Very appreciate your handwork and innovations!

Xiao Duan

We have engaged in discussions more than half a year before the actual renovation. Byron tries his best to make compromises between my requests and his architectural and artistic points of view. During the renovation, he personally ensures quality control and keeps me in the loop about the work progress. Even after settling in, he provides after-sales service willingly, and with quality. Overall I am very pleased with his excellent results and service. Thank you so much for making my new home such a wonderful place; my family and I are very satisfied. My friends to whom I have bragged about my renovated house are also very amazed and requested for Byron’s contact!

Mr and Mrs Deng, Bishan

We are writing this as happy customers of Heavenly Homespace. My family is very pleased with the design, space planing and workmanship from them. Byron is very dedicated. From the first time we meet till now (2 months after handover), he is still very responsive to our messages and calls.

I’ve done renovations for my old flats and none was as complete and/or as satisfied as the current one. I was a little worried in the beginning thus started my search for an Interior Designer (ID) a few months before the collection of key. I spoke to at least 10 IDs and nailed down to the final 4 IDs. How did I choose the final one?

(i) Designer of a big company, who participants in many design and home fairs
a. Market presence
b. Showcase of their workmanship at fairs
c. Able to visit completed projects
d. Work in groups and have backups if the designer is tight up with other projects

Reasons for NOT CHOOSING: Very eager (a little pushy) to close the deal. Went to many of their projects and didn’t like the workmanship and space planning for those projects. Didn’t feel confident that they could deliver what I like.

(ii) Senior Designer (veteran) of a big company, who participates in many design and home fairs – recommendation by sub-contractor
a. Market presence
b. Showcase of their workmanship at fairs
c. Able to visit completed projects plus some very famous local people’s homes who engaged their services
d. Very senior thus lots of ideas and experience on renovations

Reasons for NOT CHOOSING: Good follow-up and was a very calm designer who really has lots of experiences and wonderful ideals. However, pricing was bout S$30-S$40K more expensive than the rest of the quotes. He mentioned that it’s because of the group of contractors that he worked with and the materials he will be using

(iii) Designer and Project Manager (Boss) of a company which has started not too long ago
a. Very eager to showcase their past/current project
b. Confident of their delivery time for carpentry as they have their own factory in Singapore unlike most who engaged the services and deliveries from Malaysia and may be subjected to delays especially
during the CNY period
c. Young and energetic with lots of interesting ideas

Reasons for NOT CHOOSING: Pricing was competitive with lots of ideas but design proposed was not realistic for our home and after many rounds of changes, we still felt that it wasn’t what we wanted

(iv) Heavenly Homespace – Mr Byron Lee, a recommendation by my cousin
a. Completed project i.e. my cousin’s house which has a very comfortable feel and look
b. Proven good workmanship
c. Seasoned designer with proper thoughts on the necessary things required for the house

Reason for CHOOSING: Pricing was competitive (not the highest/cheapest) Byron is a good listener who will digest our ideals and gave us great proposed designs. He will not just accept ‘fully’ on what we say and agree on it but will give us better suggestions with his experiences on other projects. This was definitely as plus point for us who are not trained or experience enough to imagine the final effect/product. With the many good reviews from my cousin and relatives, we decided to go with Heavenly Homespace.

By the time we got our keys, it was near Christmas. We were contemplating to have the renovations done before CNY (middle of February 2015). However, after much considerations, we decided not to rush it it for fear of shabby workmanship. It was a good choice as we had more time for discussions and we were able to think through on the little things (a hook here, and extra power point there, etc etc). During renovations, there were so many things to consider. Even though I’ve done 3 renovations for my previous flats, it’s always a new experience with a different company and I can safely say, with Byron is the best and most wonderful to date. We felt at ease as there was no hurry to decide on things as we were given ample time to discuss and confirmed on the required materials. Choosing the tiles for the walls and laminates for the cabinets were easy as Byron will mix and match the colours which we were happy with those choices.

Renovations can be a real headache if you have chosen an inexperienced designer with a team of inexperienced workers (poor workmanship) and bad choices of materials (colours and designs). This is no joke as I have had such encounters with those previous companies and you will have to live with it till the next renovation! It is indeed a blessing to be able to meet Byron who with a team of dedicated workers, had completed our renovations wit many praises from our friends, relatives, neighbours and ourselves !!

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Byron and everyone from Heavenly Homespace for a job well done! Thank you and hereby wishing your company a PROSPEROUS year ahead with many many more years to come !!! :)

Many thanks,
Kent & Emily
Tiong Bahru View

I have moved home several times and had become very frustrated with contractors who do not answer calls, return calls, reply to messages and most common at all, do not seem to take pride in their work. I came to the sad conclusion that all contractors are the same….until I met and engaged Byron (upon the recommendation of a friend) to do major renovation of my home at Parc Oasis.

I am super impressed by his intense desire to do everything he can to deliver the best work and please his clients. The quality of materials he uses are of superior quality. He knows his work well and is always able to provide useful suggestions and guidance. He has an excellent personality which made the whole renovation process so easy and delightful for me-something that is quite the opposite of what I normally experience when dealing with renovation contractors.

As can be expected, no major renovation work can go without a hiccup or two. But you can always count on Byron to do the rectification work ever so quickly, effectively AND willingly. No issues are left unresolved and no promises made by Byron are ever broken.

When I first met Byron to check him out, he suggested that I read the testimonials on his website. However, I did not do so because I felt the testimonials might be exaggerated. Anyway, I decided to engage him since a friend had recommended him highly. I have now known Byron for the past 3 months and just before writing this, I decided to read some of the testimonials on his website. I realised that all positive things that were said about him could not be more true. Nothing is exaggerated.

Keep up the good work and thank you for everything Byron!


Mr & Mrs Low, Parc Oasis

Dearest Byron,

Thank you so much for your expertise and help in renovating my house. Thanks too for always trying your best to advise and accommodate my changes even though I know it must have given you many unnecessary inconveniences and stress. You are a super nice, polite, responsible, helpful, understanding, easy, etc.. person to work with. Even those who work with you said so (Eddie your air-con friend said you are very good). Your willingness to shoulder responsibilities for your worker’s fault and to work towards constant improvement are also commendable. Not forgetting too to Thank you for handling some of my difficult neighbours. You are a natural charmer hence I believe you managed to appease them. I am so amazed too at your ability to read and know your client’s needs even if its just a passing comment…..You noted it down and delivered….. that score you a 100% satisfaction from your client.

I am really happy with your work and service and I really appreciate having you to work on my home. Thanks a million…….

Davora Lim, Pasir Ris

I bought my first home and am glad that Byron did my reno – I had no idea what to do n left most decisions to him. I now have a cozy home, all thanks to Byron. Good workmanship n price is competitive. Most importantly, very good before n after sales service.

Gina, Eunos

Dear Alvin, many thanks for your good service in doing the renovation of our apartment in Ghim Moh. Thank you for your willing to do the extra bits and pieces. Your services are definitely appreciated by my sister and me. Keep it up your good service!

Rose & Belinda, Ghim Moh

Based on our renovation experience with Byron, he is highly recommended for being a resourceful and responsible designer, contractor and project manager. Byron ensured that our renovation project was well-managed end-to-end, offering valuable advice throughout and pre-empted any potential issues in advance. For new home-owners who have heard plenty of renovation horror tales, go with Byron and his team. You will not be disappointed.

Herman, Punggol Nautilus

We have such great chemistry when we did our renovation work with Byron. Very pleased with his service, his attitude, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the months we had engaged his service. A very humble guy, Byron has not failed to always respond to our numerous change requests with patience and knowledge. We felt really at ease with leaving the house and the full house works in his hands. Even after moving in 1 year, he still provide great over-case service such as sending the plumber or electrician over when we faced some problems. Thumbs up for the overall renovation experience! We always recommend Byron to friends and relatives whom require reno or design services.

Philip and Jasmine, Bedok Reservoir Road

It’s pleasant experience to engage Heavenly homespace as my renovator. I was impressed by their excellent services. They endeavoured to meet all my requests and sometimes even thought ahead of myself. Better yet, they were very friendly and gave me a lot of off-bill help when in need, which I really appreciated.

Mr & Mrs Huang, The Bayshore

I was recommended to Alvin from Heavenly homespace by my sister. My first Impression of him and his knowledge is excellent. He is able to give me good advice which other IDs couldn’t. He email me the quotation within 2 days which I requested, as I was in a hurry to renovate my house, other IDs took more than a week. I got no complain for Heavenly homespace except full of praises for Alvin and his guys. He is a very detailed guys with a responsible character, I need not worry about anything when my house is in his hands. I would higly recommend his company for your renovation works.

Isa, Bedok

Hi Byron, Thank you so much for the beautiful design renovation done with good workmanship for my unit in Tampines. And the after sales service is prompt n fantastic…

Constance, Tampines

My 5-room unit was done by Byron and my mum’s 3-room unit was done by Alvin. I would said both the 2 brothers have their individual designs, ideas and concepts. To me, they both are patience, truthful and knowledgeable. They are easy to talk to and are both service orientated. It’s been 2 years after my renovation and once awhile I still call either one of them to do some minor works here and there, they are always happy to do it. No doubt Heavenly homespace will be my only choice and if any of my friends and relatives needs an ID, I always highly recommend them! Heavenly homespace!

Kelvin Tan, Yishun

As a first time house owner, we were inexperience as to what to look out for in a renovation contractor/ID. We did lots of research on renotalk and other forums (reading about many horror stories about unreliable contractors) and meeting up with several IDs before finally deciding on Byron. He was highly recommended to us by my brother as well.

Byron offers a wealth of experience and excellent practical advice. He is extremely responsive to queries/requests that you may have, responsible and his workmanship is impeccable. He has excellent taste in color schemes and furniture as well.

He is able to understand and concretise general design ideas that you are keen on. As a person, we find him to be earnest, flexible and very attentive to our sometimes impromptu changes and queries. He is always contactable and replies to you without delay, which we value in an ID.

Most importantly, he conducts his business with integrity and keeps a close eye on his workers to ensure that the renovationis done to your satisfaction. What is rare in this business, is the element of trust. You can trust Byron to get the job done.

No regrets engaging him to do up our place. Thanks to him, our house is now a home. He will exceed your strictest expectations.

Lushun & Elena, SouthHaven II

Alvin from Heavenly homespace has the best price after comparing among 4 contractors/ IDs. After choosing him as my ID, I am surprised by his good and prompt services. I am at my house almost everyday during renovation period and Alvin was always there to check on his guys / instructing them. I remembered there is once, 14 months after renovation, I ask for some minor works to be done and he get his guys to do it without any fees, Thank You! Very hard working guy! You deserved my 2 thumbs up for you! I will surely recommend my relatives and friends if they need a project coordinator/ ID.

Justa Jim Kun Min, Marsiling

In early 2013, we engaged Heavenly homespace to renovate our house and we have not looked back since. Mr Byron Lee was the one to served us. On our first meeting, he impressed us with his knowledge, energy and sincerity. Throughout our renovation journey with him, he displayed confidence and was always on top of the situation. He proved to be a thorough, detailed and organised person. Although he had several projects concurrently on hand, he was flexible in accommodating to our requests and able to complete the renovation timely.

We are satisfied with our living and bedrooms which he helped to design. his renovation pricing is also reasonable. in addition, his after-sales service is excellent. After we moved in to our house, there were minor hiccups that needed mending. On receiving our requests, he attended to them speedily and without charges.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Lee for his hard work, efficiency and commitment shown in our renovation project. It has been a pleasure working with him and we would be most glad to recommend his services to others.

Mr & Mrs Ng BW, The Shaughnessy

We will recommend Byron to our family and friends who need renovation!

Alvin & Jan, Trellis Towers

I want to thank Alvin from Heavenly homespace for solving my toilet leakage problem. No other IDs is willing to come down to my place to take a look when I called a few, but Alvin came. He climbed up the ceiling to check the leakage, dirty and sweaty after but he still has the smile on him when explaining to me the problem. A few days later, his guys came to do the necessary repair work. I really appreciate his service and knowledge. To me, a good ID is someone who knows what he is doing and Alvin definitely has it! Btw, He is the ID for my daughter’s house and she is very happy with her new home. So if you are looking for an ID, Go with Alvin from Heavenly homespace!

Uncle Kong, Bedok Reservoir

Firstly I must thank my neighbour, Mdm Tan for recommending us Heavenly homespace. Byron and his team did an excellent job. His timely coordination & prompt after-service was Superb. Surely will recommend Heavenly homespace to everyone I know.

Nathan, Vila & Heera, Marsiling Drive

Committed, great concept and good after sales service, that’s why I look for him after second time.

Mr & Mrs Teo, Punggol

Alvin Lee from Heavenly homespace was recommended by a friend. He is open to listening to my needs and wishes at our first meeting. I am glad to have chosen this ID to design and renovate my house after. He worked hard coming out with ideas that suited the style I wanted within my budget, and worked with me patiently while I made and changed my mind in the middle of the project. The renovation process was smooth; from design to choosing materials, furniture, lighting and other accessories, I am pleased with his service and delighted with the results. Keep up the good work Alvin, I will be happy to see my relatives and friend choosing you to renovate their house!

Jason Chung, Choa Chu Kang

Byron has good sense of colour & design in our experience with. He is trustworthy n very approachable. He is trustworthy n very approachable. We are very satisfied with him renovating our flat. Someone refer you to him for renovation? Just take him!

Thomas & Jessica, Fernvale Crest

We are very pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Alvin Lee of Heavenly homespace. The ID delivers great ideas and quality works especially the little details. He will take many areas into consideration including family safety to match our desired outcome. And the results are definitely beyond our expectation. To me, I value good customer service a lot, and this company definitely has it. Even after handing over our 5 room HDB, he is still willing to assist me and my wife should there be any issues.

Mr & Mrs Sim, Potong Pasir

Heavenly homespace’s ID Alvin Lee did a great job in making our resale flat to a new home! When we first met Alvin, he listened to our thoughts on design for our 4-rooms HDB flat as well as shared his ideas on possible style and color combinations (I have to say, he is an expert in this!) and made suggestion based on my rooms’ sizes, layouts, and existing furniture and fabrics. During renovation process, we were amazed by his attention to details; he ties up all the loose ends and keeps excellent records. My family is very pleased with our beautiful home with elegant, comfortable and functional design.

Daniel & Denise, Ang Mo Kio

My experience with Byron was great. He gave practical suggestions to the problems I had with my renovation. He was also professional in the delivery of his services and he readily took full accountability when things were not right. His after sales services was more than what you could ever ask for. Although the price may not be the lowest but it is definitely value for money.

Sandy, Glendale Park

Byron has been doing renovation on my landed property for many years. The works included bathrooms, kitchen, patio, fence and gate. He is very reliable, rare for a renovation company, will response immediately to any complains. Most importantly he provided very good after sales service as well. He is very obliging and forthright. I have recommended him to my relatives, friends and neighbours and they are very pleased with his works and positive attitude and they keep going back to him. I strongly recommend his company for any renovation work

Mr & Mrs Vince Wong, Inglewood

Excellent Service! Quality Work! We have engaged Byron twice and have been fully satisfied with his services. From the initial phase, where he provides great ideas and tips to his after sale services, he has always impressed us. Thank you for helping us to create a lovely and conducive home!

Avinash, Jelapang Road

Dear Byron, Thank you very much for your work & your patience with us. Will intro my friend to you if they need to renovate their place.

Andrew & Tiffany, Mandale Heights

Byron was always professional, helpful, patient & detailed. He always managed to incorporate our wants & needs & also gave good ideas. The wholes project was handled efficiently & without many hitches. And even if there were, Byron made sure they were well taken care of. It was basically an end-to-end, top notch renovation experience. Competitive pricing, good workmanship, good materials, great relationship. Highly recommended.

Kenneth & Cherina, Serangoon North

Some says home ren0vation is a painful experience. Not necessarily if you meet the right Interior Designer (ID). I totally enjoyed my experience.

My wife & I shortlisted 5 branded IDs after going through mutliple magazines & websites. My property agent Jamie, insisted that I must speak to Byron of Heavenly Homespace. Well… I took her word with a tablespoon of salt as I have never heard of the company, I have never seen the company’s name in any magazine & I have never heard of Byron. Well, except for Byron Bay, 160km south of Brisbane, Australia.

Anyway…we spoke to the 5 branded IDs & I wasn’t impressed. Well, honestly, the problem is with me. Not them. I am just a challenging customer.


We decided to meet Byron on one evening at 7pm. I thought, well, it will just take an hour as we haven’t had our dinner. We were impressed with Byron, his ideas, candidness & honestly, that at 11pm, we were still at his showroom. We ended up ordering pizza as we didn’t want to leave yet as Byron was giving us so much logical ideas & practical insights into design, layout & renovation as a whole ….for free. We finally left the at 1230am & Byron was still chirpy & patient.


At first glance, Byron’s price quotation wasn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive compared to the other 5. After many rounds of discussion with all 6 IDs & after comparing apple-to-apple, i.e. comparing per-unit(per foot or per square foot) cost basis & excluding the bells & whistles that some included & some didn’t, Byron’s quotation was the most reasonable. After adding in the bells & whistles, Byron came up top!


We decided to sign up with Byron as

1) we knew he will handle & coordinate the project himself. Not his employee nor anyone else.

2) price quotation was so detailed, transparent, extremely fair & reasonable.

3) he is logical & practical in his deisgn.


Byron took pride & ownership of the project. He looked at the details & asked his team to re-do a job when is was not satisfactory to him. I frequently paid surprise visits to the worksite & Byron surprised me instead. He seemed to drop by unannounced anytime in the day & monitored his teams closely. I was impressed.


In fact, the after sales service is equally impressive. Amazingly responsive. Excellent service.


Byron was so organized. He executed his time table in precicion. So if you want a 8-week job in 4 weeks, my opinion is that Heavenly Homespace is not for you.


Ownership-Byron took ownership of the project. As if it is his own house.

Pride-I have done many renovations. This is the first time I see an ID that is proud of his work.

Integrity-No hidden cost. No surprise cost. Everything was in the quotation.

Finishing-All the i’s were dotted & all the t’s were crossed. Very detailed!

Sub-contractors problem-None.

Workmanship-It has been a couple of years now, touch-wood, everthing is still intact.

Delivery-My project completed on the dot.

Recommendation-I have recommended many friends & relatives. All were impressed.

Cheah family, East Coast

We first met Byron through an introduction from a relative. Having dealt with a couple of contractors or renovators, we were always careful due to past bad experiences & poor follow-up.

The initial meeting was different from the previous experiences. He came across as a person that listened very well to the clients & gradually expanded on your expectation/ideas. At the same time indicating in a gentle manner the possibilities of our ideas or its limitations. It was interesting to note during the first two discussions, that he gave the whole range of products, gave the plus & minus of each product & finally his recommendation, which was often not highest margin product. There was no pushiness in his approach. We expected the quote not to be on the low side but it turned out to be very reasonable, definitely well within the ballpark of our budget & comparatively competitive to the quotations from other renovators.

We moved out of our flat for 2 months to allow unhindered renovation work to take place. The work started on schedule & he did regularly updated us on progress of the work. I visited the flat during renovation every weekday morning. As a previous project engineering manager, I was impressed with his close adherence to schedule & at the same time maintaining quality. Both quality & progress could be very different & conflicting kind of beast. Realistic scheduling & as a proud home soul, it was indeed very gratifying the home gradually turned from rundown condition to a nice house to live in. Well within my expectation.

The renovation was indeed major as we spent in total $75000 for a 1,700 squared feel apartment. It involved the changes in flooring of balcony, two toilets(including walls) & the entire kitchen. Loads of new cabinet & storage compartments ie new kitchen cabinets were added, all bedrooms & study room have extensive cabinets & built in desks & laminates to our dining & living room area. The complete ceiling of the kitchen, living room & dining room have a new false ceiling for downlights. As the flat was 30 years, we changed all telephone & electrical wirings, installing lights, run new air conditioning ducts with new top of the range inverter air conditioning units & run new water piping (as we do not want old copper pipes particularly concealed ones to sprout leaks & running into our nice neighbour’s unit downstair). New toilet bowls, tempered glass cubicle & sinks added in the toilets. The whole house was repainted with high end paint. New windows were added to large & previously opened balcony area to protect the area where we dry clothes. We loved plants & he added new window grilles to expand the area where we place our potted plants on the window ledge safely. There were also a series & numerous smaller work such as polishing the old parquet floors, adding a new door bell etc.

The house was completed on schedule & we happily moved back on renovation well worth the money spent.

To us what we really liked about Byron was his sincerity. Try to contact a contractor to fix a defect once full payment has been made, was almost impossible for many such souls to turn up but we never did have a problem with Byron on the fixing the after sales defects. He will try his best to solve it & he does not get into opening his “calculator” for small items. F or a contractor that keeps his words, he is one such person.

Kua Sit Tong, Braddell View

We are very pleased with Byron’s recent renovation of our new abode and would recommend him to anyone whose home needs some sprucing. Having gotten the keys to the our new home, we were excited to transform our apartment into something comfortable yet reflective of our style. Our last experience with a contractor was more than 8 years ago and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. So this time round, we made it a point to source around for a few quotes. Byron came highly recommended by a distant relative, so we decided to talk to him to find out more.

During the initial engagements, Byron was very patient and thorough in explaining the details and scope of the work to us. He also offered suggestion on what could be useful for us. We did not sign immediately, but Byron was not pushy or overbearing. He gave us time to consider and was willing to meet again for subsequent discussions. His positive attitude, humility and ability to understand our needs made him stand out from the crowd and we eventually appointed him as our contractor. The renovation process was also enjoyable as Byron gave us regular updates on the progress of the renovation, sometimes even sending photos via wahtsapp. Shopping for tiles, fittings and lights was also a good experience for us, as Byron gave us candid feedback on our selections, which later turned about to be appropriate. His knack for proposing stylish yet practical ideas is what sets him apart from his competitors. Most renovations would not be plain sailing and ours wasn’t either. But when hiccups occurred, Byron was very responsible to inform us immediately and take prompt actions to resolve any issues. Over time, he has come to be our trusted advisor and friend. We have recommended Byron to another family member and they have also been very satisfied with his works.

Overall thanks for a job well done!

ChoonKie & Beatrice, Flame Tree Park

We had decided to entrust our BTO unit to be handled by Jim after going through discussions with about 10 Interior companies’ ID.
With many bad cases of ID firms seen and heard, integrity, openness, workmanship, quality and dedications are utmost priorities when we are selecting the ID firm and staff and Jim definitely did not failed us.

In terms of workmanships and quality, Jim had bought us to previous projects units by Heavenly Homespace and ongoing renovations sites for viewing and the proud owners gave us more confidence with their positive feedbacks and happy reviews.

While the planning are all done and drafted before our key collection, valuable suggestions for changes to the original plans or add-ons are given after the actual site viewing. Throughout the whole renovation process, Jim had kept us updated via a whatsapp group chat, especially after major items are completed.  Even for installation of air-conditioning from a third party instead of Heavenly Homespace, he made the effort to be present to ensure the guys are aware of areas to look out for that are being worked on. Nothing in life is ever perfectly smooth and we do face hiccups in the process, but Jim and his team had been communicating with us regularly with recommended suggestions and remedy instead of disregarding the small imperfections which might not even noticed by homeowners.

While we are not given a fix timeline of on-going works, as his style of working including planning for buffering periods, we are kept aware of the progress and given notice for areas to take note including fresh laid tiles etc.. Everything was completed ahead of the said timeline in good conditions and touch-ups on the minor areas during the walk through before the handover of the unit.

Lastly, his dedication, efforts and prompt communications from start till end allow us to feel assurance in leaving the unit in his hands and we will definitely recommend Jim to our family and friends.

Kian Leong & Siew Wen, Canberra EastWave